Ricetta 17 - Noix de Veau with truffle - Colette's kitchen delights - by Graziella Martina

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           Noix de Veau with truffle
(serves 4)

1kg  Noix de Veau
1  small black truffle
50g  butter
50g  bacon
2  cloves of garlic
1  onion

1  stick of celery
1  carrot
1  sprig of parsley
4  tablespoons of oil
2  glasses of stock
Clean the truffle with a small brush, to remove all the dirt, then cut it into small batons. Surround the meat with the truffle and the sliced garlic cloves. Clean the onion, celery, carrot and parsley and finely chop them all together with the bacon. Let the chopped mixture simmer in a saucepan with hot oil, then carefully place the piece of meat on top, letting it brown well on all sides. Cover it with the hot stock and continue to cook at a low heat for about an hour and a half, turning the roasted meat frequently and mixing the cooking juices from the bottom of the pan by adding more hot stock.
    When the cooking time has finished, carve the meat into slices and arrange them on an ovenproof plate. Strain the sauce through a colander incorporating the butter and then putting it back on the heat, let it thicken for a few minutes. Stirring carefully. Afterwards pour it over the meat and put it in a hot oven at 180°C/350°F for a quarter of an hour. Take it straight away to the table, nice and hot.

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