Dessert - Ricetta 39 - Rennet Apple Jam - Colette's kitchen delights - by Graziella Martina

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           Rennet Apple Jam

2kg  Rennet apples
400g  sugar
juice of 1 lemon


1  glass of water
1  stick of vanilla
lemon peel
Peel and core the apples. Cut them into quarters and wash them in water that has been mixed with the juice of a lemon. Put them in an earthenware pot and let them melt at a low heat. Add a glass of water, a stick of vanilla extract and some lemon peel. To obtain a smooth jam keep stirring continuously with a wooden spoon, until the apples blend together.
    If necessary, add a little water, then gradually pour the sugar in. When the jam touches the earthenware pot it will caramelize. Check the consistency by letting a small amount drop onto a plate, if the jam doesn't spread, it means it is ready.

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