Dessert - Ricetta 38 - Pear Charlotte - Colette's kitchen delights - by Graziella Martina

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           Pear Charlotte
(serves 6)

1kg  pears
1kg  large-sized bread
100g  butter


1  tablespoon of sugar
1  lemon peel
2  tablespoons of apricot jam
Cut the pears into quarters and dip them in the butter, which has been mixed with the sugar and lemon. Cook them over a high flame, stirring continuously. Cut the bread into slices of the same size and dip them in the melted butter.
    Completely cover the base and the sides of a mould evenly with some of these slices. Combine the pears with the jam, mix together and pour it into the mould. Cook it for half an hour in a hot oven and take it out when it is warm.

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