Ricetta 25 - Puchero - Colette's kitchen delights - by Graziella Martina

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(serves 6)

250g  chickpeas
½  chicken
400g  lean beef
350g  lean veal
250g  pork ribs
300g  black sausage
1  corn on the cob

½  green cabbage
4  carrots and 3 potatoes
2  onions
1  stick of celery
300g  pasta
Boil, separately, for a couple of hours, the chickpeas that have been left to soak the night before and for one hour the piece of chicken, beef, veal and pork. Wash the cabbage, separate the leaves and shred them, slice the onions, chop the carrots, potatoes and celery into small pieces and cut the cob into round slices. Add all these vegetables to the meat and leave it to cook for another 30 minutes, checking that the water is a couple of inches above the vegetables and meat. Season with salt and pour in the pasta, which you will leave to cook for 10 minutes. Brown the black sausage                    separately and then add it to the pot. Arrange the meat and sausage in the middle of a large hollow dish, place the vegetables along the sides and cover it all with the pasta and cooking stock.
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